We've Launched.
Monday, July 20th, 3:00 AM EST
At the crack of dawn, Wavium was launched to coincide with midnight on the west coast; the time when the product would be officially released on Product Hunt. On weekend leading up to Monday, the founders: Ryan, Dylan, and Sam were hard at work to make sure everything was ready for launch.
Some Launch Stats
Here are some highlights of the launch in less than 24 hours:
šŸ‘¤ 350+ users šŸ“Ø 14,000+ email subscriptions to Wavium newsletters šŸ‘„ 1,600+ visits to our landing page šŸ“ 300+ publications
How did we do it?
šŸ˜“ No sleep for 36 hours
Product Hunt is based on the west coast, which is 3AM EST, so we ended up not sleeping and stayed up all the way until the end of the next day.

šŸ’Ŗ Building an early-access email list prior to launch
Outreach via Twitter and organic reach enabled us to get early sign-ups a good month before our launch. Our early-access supporters can expect to see some unique content coming their way :)

šŸ› Bug testing & hot-fixes
The entire weekend leading up to the launch on Monday, we tested the platform and addressed all of the bugs we found. During the release, we also implemented hot-fixes to address some bugs or inconsistencies in the platform to ensure everyone had the best experience.

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Keep Creating,
Sam, Dylan, Ryan @ Wavium
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